This visualization shows four nights of bird migration over the Northeastern United States.

The source data for this visualization were recorded by 13 weather radars (indicated as gray circles) between local EDT sunset on September 8 through local EDT sunrise on September 11, 2010. These data are aggregated over time and altitude, and - because the radars do not sample all airspace of the entire map region - interpolated over a larger area. Streamlines (indicated in blue) follow this interpolated grid and represent the speed and direction of the bird migration at that moment. The grid is updated every second with data from the next 20 minute interval, progressing the animation through time. For more information on the methodology, see Shamoun-Baranes et al. 2016.

The visualization was developed by LifeWatch INBO for ENRAM, the European Network for the Radar Surveillance of Animal Movement. The long-term goal of ENRAM is to retrieve and visualize this kind of data at a European scale. Documentation and source code are available on GitHub.